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Jassica. The Secret of The Caribbean Sea
Jassica. Secret of the Caribbean sea Jassica. Secret of the Caribbean sea Jassica. Secret of the Caribbean sea
«Jassica. The Secret of The Caribbean Sea» is a sequel to grown fond game «Jessica. Mysterious Travel». In the second part you can expect even more fascinating adventures, unusual discoveries and riddles. This game will please all lovers of the pirates’ spirit and hunting for antiquities, those who like to risk and who are always ready for surprises.

Jassica. Secret of the Caribbean sea


«1C» company«1C» company
Russian company «1C» was founded in 1991. Its staff numbers more than 700 people. «1C» rests exclusively upon its professional successes. According to numerous polls «1C» takes the first place in the software sector of the Russian computer industry and has a record efficiency per  one employee.

«1C» company

The GFI company was founded in 2003 by professionals of game industry. It acts as a publisher and developer of games and entertaining software for the PC platform. GFI is focusing on the full cycle development and promotion of these products on the internal and international market.



New DiscNew Disc
The "New Disc" company is one of the biggest publishers and distributors of multimedia and educational software and games for PC in Russia. Our interactive resources help our clients to grow intellectually and spiritually, to spend effectively their free time, to track better with their children and enjoy communication with them.

New Disc


The Turbogames company publishes games on CD, puts up an advertisment and games on their own sites: www.turbogames.ru, www.gamepitstop.ru We select best games for the most exacting audience.


Since 1968 Intel Corporation has been creating new technologies that change the world. Intel always keep developing innovative solutions that discover fundamentally new ways of modern technology using. Intel makes people's lives more interesting, complete and convenient.


First step studioFirst step studio
Producer center First Step Studio was founded in 2005. Center founders decided to merge several companies from different industries to provide a range of services on the IT market in Ukraine. The Center supports young companies, which face the difficulties entering the market.

First step studio

MIX SystemsMIX Systems
The «Mix Systems» company was founded in 2006 with the producer center First Step Studio. The founders are specialists with long experience in large Ukrainian companies specializing in information technologies. The main activities of the company are Web-technologies, Internet marketing, Web-hosting, business systems.

MIX Systems

Dereza Production StudioDereza Production Studio
Dereza Production Studio specializes in the production of video games for children and adults, classical drawn animation and music for games. History of studio «Dereza» began in 2001.
Dereza Production Studio
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