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Jassica. The Secret of The Caribbean Sea
Jassica. Secret of the Caribbean sea Jassica. Secret of the Caribbean sea Jassica. Secret of the Caribbean sea
«Jassica. The Secret of The Caribbean Sea» is a sequel to grown fond game «Jessica. Mysterious Travel». In the second part you can expect even more fascinating adventures, unusual discoveries and riddles. This game will please all lovers of the pirates’ spirit and hunting for antiquities, those who like to risk and who are always ready for surprises.

Jassica. Secret of the Caribbean sea

Company Profile

Waterfall Interactive company was founded on 5 May 2006 and has made big contribution to the game development industry. Company focuses on development of games for children audience and casual games in the hidden object game genre. It can be said with certainty that for not full three years of its existence Waterfall Interactive has shown very good results. Several successful children's games of our production saw the world. Some of them were represented on international exhibitions, most of them are translated into other languages and published in Europe. Appreciable successes can be noticed in Casual segment as well: Waterfall Interactive projects are in the top lists of most popular games at the the CIS countries first-rate portals, our casual games were also published abroad. We have such a respected companies like Intel, 1C, GFI as our partners.
Waterfall Interactive team consists of people who have been working in the computer games industry for a long time. Every team member has few complete projects and a large experience in different branches of game industry. Professional game designers, artists, programmers, level designers, testers create quality games for you.
Children games from Waterfall Interactive are developed like interactive fairy tales. They are based on well-known world literature works and contain training elements. Child is offered to participate directly in the developments of favorite fairy tale, to get through unusual challenges and overcome obstacles, and only doing all tasks he is able to learn the end of a story. Game includes many training tasks. Folowing the plot of familiar stories, child can improve his literacy and counting skills, to develop structural thinking, logic and communication skills. Learning by playing is one of the most effective methods of learning.
Waterfall Interactive casual games are created in the genre of hidden object game, where the captivating and way-out stories are generously supplemented by loads of riddles and puzzles. Their fascination and uncommonness are best evidenced by the interest of the audience.
Now we have a few projects in development, both based on classical plots and ones which differ by their novelty and originality.

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