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"Darya: The Mystery of the Caribbean Sea" is the continuation of the beloved game "Darya: A Mysterious Journey". In the second part, you can expect even more exciting adventures, extraordinary finds, and puzzles.

This game will appeal to everyone who shares a spirit of pirates and ancient treasure hunting, those who like to take risks and are ready for surprises. The main character, Darya, goes on a honeymoon with her husband Gleb to the Caribbean. But the lovers are not meant to rest easy: Gleb is kidnapped. To save her beloved, Darya needs to retrieve a treasure for the kidnappers, which rightfully belongs to her. In the course of her search, Darya meets amazing people, escapes from incredible predicaments, delves into the carefully guarded secrets of the Caribbean Sea, and uncovers a family mystery.

How this adventure ends will be discovered by the bravest, most curious, and clever! This game will undoubtedly interest all fans of the hidden object game genre. A dynamic plot, a variety of locations—from a hotel room to a sunken ship—abundance of riddles, puzzles, and logical challenges, exquisite graphics, and fitting music—all these will captivate any player of any age.

Moreover, the game will be an excellent training for observational skills, memory, structural thinking, and imagination. Allow yourself to dive into a world of adventures that take your breath away!