Darya 3: The Mysteries of Courchevel

"Darya: The Mysteries of Courchevel" is the third part of the game about the tireless heroine who constantly gets entangled in various troubles. This time, she and her best friend Gleb decided to head to the most popular ski resort, which, as always, soon turned into another case. They had many plans, all associated only with relaxation, and not with investigations and solving mysteries.

On the very first day, Gleb is arrested and accused of stealing a dog insured for a million dollars. The police refuse to disclose any details, citing confidentiality, and then Darya secretly infiltrates the police station and successfully frees Gleb from his cell. Our heroes have very little time to investigate the theft: as soon as the police discover Gleb's disappearance, all chances for a successful resolution of the case will evaporate.

All your attempts are only aimed at getting your friend out of jail and proving to everyone that he is completely innocent! The police themselves explained nothing to you, they just said that it's a secret of the investigation! You don't have much time, as the police may discover the disappearance of the prisoner at any moment, and thus will start raising the alarm.

An interesting game in which you will find many new stories and puzzles worth racking your brains over. Dive into a whirlwind of events and adventures, help the main heroine unravel another case and prove the innocence of her friend.