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 "Darya: A Mysterious Journey" is a new game from Waterfall Interactive, created in the globally beloved and recognized genre of hidden object games. If you enjoy surprises and mysteries, if you love puzzles and brain teasers, if you are capable of making original decisions and do not back down from challenges – then this game is definitely for you.

 The main character of the game, Darya, decided to take a trip to a tropical resort. However, her relaxation is interrupted – a chance encounter with a mysterious person on the plane draws her into a real treasure hunt. Darya gets her hands on an ancient map and decides to take the opportunity to unravel a centuries-old mystery.

 Naturally, on her way to the treasure, Darya will encounter many breathtaking adventures, interesting and unexpected acquaintances, and places she never dreamed of visiting. Whether she will find the ancient artifact depends entirely on the player.

 The game is designed for an audience of almost any age, and it develops memory, observation, logical thinking, and curiosity. Along with Darya, the player will have to navigate a complicated detective plot, find and piece together all parts of a puzzle covered in the dust of centuries. The game is filled with interesting tasks and puzzles. For this, the heroine will need to visit an antique shop, a university laboratory, an ancient tower, a theater, and even an abandoned house. Additional logical and mathematical tasks will appeal to many treasure hunters, and the beautiful graphics, atmospheric music, and charismatic, memorable characters only help to immerse yourself deeply in the whirlwind of real adventures and treasure searches.