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"Little Mammoth" - a new entertaining interactive story from Waterfall company. This time, young players will meet an unusual character - a mammoth cub, and his friends. Tima and Varya spend the summer with their parents in the village. They are incredibly lucky: in a cave they climbed into without asking, they find a block of ice with a real mammoth frozen inside! The restless kids, of course, figured out how to melt this block – and a real miracle happened: the mammoth cub turned out to be alive! Moreover, he is very smart and understanding)) Now the children have a new friend and helper, with whom they can play pranks, play, and have fun.

This interactive game is designed for a children's audience, but it can captivate adults as well. A host of funny moments, quests, and mini-games, fun pranks, and an interesting plot make this game a great entertainment. You will like to explore the star map of the sky, help gather the harvest, meet forest dwellers, and manage household chores together with our heroes. At the end of the game, a surprise awaits the Little Mammoth, and what it is – you will find out for yourself!

The game is developed with humor and will be a wonderful rest for the whole family. It's a unique test of wits and agility and just a wonderful way to take a break from everyday life and enter a warm and cozy world with a friendly family, unexpected and funny characters, a summer village, and cute childish pranks.

Young players will like playing with the cheerful and curious mammoth cub, inventing new games with Tima and Varya, and helping their parents. The colorful graphics make the game memorable, and quality voice acting helps to immerse in the atmosphere of the summer forest. Little Mammoth, Varya, and Tima are waiting for you, their new friends!