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"The Little Mermaid: Magical Adventure" is an interactive adventure story for children from four to seven years old. However, not only children but also their parents will find it interesting to play this game. The plot is based on the tale of the famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen "The Little Mermaid".

The main heroine of this tale is the brave sea princess Ailyn. One fine day, the restless daughter of the Sea King saves a beautiful Prince during a shipwreck and... of course, falls in love with him. Driven by love, Ailyn asks her father for help, but he, learning who the princess has fallen in love with, becomes angry and decisively refuses her. Any other mermaid would have obeyed the will of the Lord of the Oceans, but not Ailyn. She inherited her father's persistence, courage, and indomitable will to succeed. The sea princess decides to achieve her goal and defend her love at all costs. She seeks help from the cunning and powerful Sea Witch. The witch sets a condition – Ailyn gets legs to walk on land but gives up her marvelous voice in exchange. Seeing no other way out, the princess agrees...

What happens next, the children will find out by joining Ailyn in exciting adventures, solving fun puzzles and riddles, and meeting many amusing and interesting creatures along the way. The Little Mermaid will engage in many useful activities – paint a picture, assemble a puzzle, prepare a delicious lunch, and also make friends with the inhabitants of the ocean and the Prince's palace. Ultimately, Ailyn will thwart the evil plots of the Sea Witch, win back her love, and the story will definitely have a good and romantic ending.

The game's graphics are done in a superbly bright and fairy-tale style that will captivate anyone who glimpses the game even with one eye. The music matches the game and will help the young player immerse deeper into the fairy tale atmosphere and retain strong and vivid memories of the game. The world of the game is lively and filled with funny and amusing situations; every place the Little Mermaid visits lives its own little life. Besides the main characters, players will see kind and not-so-kind inhabitants of the Underwater and Land kingdoms and have plenty of laughs at their antics. The most important part we've "saved for dessert". With the end of the game, Ailyn's adventures do not end. Soon, Waterfall Interactive will release the next part of the game, which will be dedicated to the Little Mermaid's preparation for the wedding. This means – another breathtaking magical story awaits us.