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"Little Red Riding Hood 2" is a continuation of the educational game series by Waterfall Interactive about Little Red Riding Hood, created in the genre of interactive fairy tales with educational elements. This part of the series will focus on learning English.

After Little Red Riding Hood, with the help of the Hunter, dealt with the evil Wolf, peace reigned in the area. School time is approaching, and Little Red Riding Hood is seriously planning to start learning English. Knowing about this intention, Grandma found her a wonderful book, but not everything went smoothly. The vengeful Wolf hadn't forgotten the slights inflicted on him by Little Red Riding Hood and the Hunter and decided to "teach them a lesson". He sneaked into Grandma's house when no one was there and stole the book. Distressed, Little Red Riding Hood, upon learning of this, sets out to find the Wolf and her textbook.

In the second part of Little Red Riding Hood's adventures, the educational mini-games will focus on learning English. But the educational aspect is not limited to this alone. In addition to mini-games, the game will feature a series of simple linguistic-themed quests. Overall, the entire atmosphere of the game is redesigned to help children and make the process of learning a foreign language interesting and engaging. As per good tradition, all mini-games are developed by professional educators.