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Waterfall Interactive once again turns to the work of the great Dane H.C. Andersen in creating games for children. The heroine of our new fairy tale will be Thumbelina. As known, Thumbelina had a beautiful, delicate voice; she sang wonderfully and simply adored music. Therefore, the game "Thumbelina" is musical.

The action of the game takes place in the beautiful land of elves, where the Swallow brought Thumbelina, and where the elf prince lives, whom our heroine married. All the elves in this magical land play musical instruments, and our adventure begins right here. On her transparent wings, gifted to her, Thumbelina flutters from flower to flower, and each elf tells her about their musical instrument and teaches the girl the basics of playing it.

Introduction to the basics of music and playing musical instruments takes place in mini-games, developed by a team of music teachers working with preschool and elementary school-aged children. In this game, children will get acquainted with seven musical instruments, receive various and exciting tasks, and will be able to create and record their own melodies, and at the end of the game, Thumbelina will even have the opportunity to assemble an entire orchestra and perform with it!

In addition to high-quality voice acting, the game will feature bright, fairy-tale three-dimensional graphics that make the game world memorable and exciting. "Thumbelina" is aimed at a children's audience, aged from four to eight years, and is an educational-entertainment project. This project will help make the world of music more understandable for little ones, and spark an interest in its further study.